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[1: 1,345 of 10,000] Problems Are Amazing!

In Article on September 19, 2014 at 6:39 PM

Climbing & A Bird

“The good thing about a crisis is that we become desperate – and teachable.”
– Andrew Matthews

Problem has so many positive things about it.

I know they appear to be very bad especially if I brought them all by myself like getting speeding ticket for the course of 2 weeks all because I was looking at mph instead of kph, boom dumb! Or falling helplessly in love to a committed man that won’t result to any good unless I am willing to become the greatest mistress the world has ever known. Procrastinating and hiding away from problems that have been begging my attention to be dealt with and just get over it. Maxing out a credit card and leave it to the gods that it got paid on due date, miraculously.

Problem appears challenging and heartbreaking, it really is and clears my eyes too with all those tears but it will do good if my focus is correct.

  1. It forces me to grieve and feel getting sulked up.
  2. It pushes your face down on the dirt that you can’t breathe and reach out for an air and beautiful kind of answer.
  3. It encourages you to take a different track.
  4. I don’t forget and I become learned (never again), tougher (to say enough of this shit), and kinder (I know how you feel).
  5. Opens possibilities and look at other creative way to move forward.
  6. Gives me reason to laugh out really hard!
  7. It reminds me that God is right by my side, carry me and gives me the warmest hugs and sweetest kisses.

Problem taught me to be the best that I can be!

The 3 speeding tickets proved that I got no fear to drive fast, took notice that miles per hour is sexy fast, able to contribute to Dubai’s fund, and I shall be careful not to harm others with my irresponsible speeding. Loving a married man showed that I am really capable of appreciating an imperfect man and I am able to see people for who they really are; I am over it and couldn’t wait to give my loyalty to the man I would commit my “I Do” in a proper altar. Finishing long issues could actually give a natural high and makes me feel like a superwoman. As for the credit card, I would enjoy reading all my books at home and the fancy hotel like studio apartment that my sissy and I have; that way no more spending and splurging until December.


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