Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,347 of 10,000] YES

In Journal on September 19, 2014 at 8:17 PM


A confident YES is like an addictive drug to me.

I have problem saying NO to work. I am a lunatic for taking so much responsibilities. I know it is drowning me at times but I don’t like to give up and I don’t want to believe that I couldn’t handle it on my own turf. I know that no one could help me but myself and the wonderful help of the universe. I am in search of the perfect assistant right now and I know that I will find her this month.

I treat life like a movie, you know where everything is magical, full of drama, and surrounded with excitement in every scenario. I love life like a movie where there is no boring corners, no pauses for non-scenamatic reason, and no dead films. And my favourite part of every great movie is there is always challenge so great it is so rewarding when it gets solved awesomely!

I love what I am really feeling right now. I am very happy, at peace, and living in the present. I am reading the book “A New Earth” and though it is hard to read, probably my cray cray ego doesn’t want me to learn it, it opens a lot of truth. I am grateful that I live a better life every time.

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