Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,351 of 10,000] Unapologetic

In Article on October 11, 2014 at 7:32 AM

There are two words that I am currently drawn to for such inspiration and they are:

  1. Joan RiversUnapologetic inspired by Joan Rivers. Everyone who remembers her used this because she delivers truth without hesitation but with such conviction and with a lot of fun. The reality I have discovered is that she wasn’t really dropping all those funny lines out of being funny and mean but she actually thought of it and rehearsed it. She was a professional who bring comedic entertainment in another level – unapologetic to say what everyone else is thinking or most of us are too embarrassed to say out loud. Such a classy lady who left during her A game but never a regret. It is hard to lose somebody we love but the great memories are enough to keep moving forward.
  2. Trailblazer which is used for artist like James Brown who lit up the stage and invites all feet to groove in the dance floor. He sang “I Feel Good” and we got to admit that we sing this when we feel good. He is known as the Godfather of Soul and I am amazed that he does deserved to be called a trailblazer. He showed an amazing path of greatness for musicians to live up to.

What is the current word that gives you an elevated delight?

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