Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,359 of 10,000] We Have To Accept Our Differences

In Article on October 25, 2014 at 12:56 PM

Well-rated-stainless-steel-cooking-ware-set-from-Cooks-StandardWhen my sister and I moved to our new apartment, I threw all our cooking wares, the fry pan, the witchy big pot, the wok, everything! I was thinking of investing to the the very expensive revolutionised healthy cooking ware, the piece that I was eyeing was AED 4,000 and then I thought that’s way too pricey considering we already spent too much.

Red Staub PotWe opt for a Staub Iron Cast in bright red so we can cook and bake with it and it was on sale for less than AED 1,000; as days passed by, besides the fact that it is too heavy, I couldn’t really cook all the dishes using it. We bought another boiler and then a skillet, and then it made me realise that like cooking ware, all people are different because every individual existed for a specific purpose. Oprah kept saying we have to find that calling all our life and live it all we don’t truly live.

So enjoy your difference from the person around you, you can do something so amazing that they are thankful to have you. I am thankful for the person who invented restaurants and everyone who work in it because they give me such pleasure and supreme delight. I am thankful to all the writers who inspire me and feed my soul. And I am thankful that I am chasing my dream, step by step, and I am not giving up!

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