Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,364 of 10,000] Goodness vs. Evil

In Article on November 5, 2014 at 1:13 AM

Photo by: Konstantin Gribov

I’ve heard about the hearsay, “that person sold his soul to the devil in order to gain that much wealth and power.” Why does selling our soul to evil quite elicit an immediate gratifying effect or a dream coming true almost instantly? Remember all those movies like Shrek signing a contract with a very fine print and viola wish granted but not perfectly I must say. We should take note the “fine print” but we couldn’t really see until it is happening right before our eyes; but no worries because we have a God that could always save us, the God who loves us unconditionally if we know to reach out and repent.

The road to goodness seems daunting, difficult, and I believe it is so because there is no such great result without properly pouring of true love, time or dedication, sweat or big effort, and it might take time to reach the ultimate goal but the journey itself will have a lasting effect of instilling great values on us from courage, honesty, diligence, humbleness, and all the beautiful qualities you could think of. And come to think of it, once these values gets instilled in us, it gets reused for another battle that would allow us to be brave, confident, and enjoy life because we know we’ve won battles before, and we could win so much more not just for our betterment but the ripple effect could also help others. I would always love the stories of a pupa almost dying but it turned into a magnificent butterfly or a rough stone when refined could turn into a very expensive and elegant diamond jewellery.

No wonder the wise men build his house upon a rock and the foolish one upon a sand or sow a seed in a barren land.

Let us choose doing good. It’s hard work but it’s right choice for all the right reasons. We should feel God’s love and guidance to keep us stronger that we can make it, not alone but having HIM side by side with us to our battle.

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