Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,375 of 10,000] Where I Am Right Now

In Journal on December 2, 2014 at 10:38 AM

Dubai Mall

Today is holiday in United Arab Emirates. The young country is celebrating it’s 43rd national day. I am now at Starbucks (after a toffee nut latte and cheese croissant for breakfast, I am taking advantage of their table and chairs – me and my bags are properly seated) at Dubai Mall (using the mall’s wifi, enjoying the sound of cascading water, and watching the people around me) and blogging (contemplating my happiness – big deal!). I am in my floral top, bright happy shorts, and Havaianas slippers (talking about relaxing outfit fit for home, the mall is my playground the whole day).

I could do this all throughout my life. Go to different places just to stir my imagination. Get lost with the music playing and serenading my starving soul in the loudest beats my ear drums could take.  I want this life and see people smiling, enjoying the mundane of daily life. It’s pretty cute to see the parents getting their drinks with their cute kids who were treated with sugary lollipop (no I am not contemplating motherhood! not yet anyway).

I need to be inspired because I am supposed to come up with amazing wordings for a smart ass card. My business partner expects me to deliver and I am meeting her for lunch. Where is my muse?


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