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[1: 1,382 of 10,000] My Basis of Liking in Instagram

In Review on December 6, 2014 at 4:03 PM

My sissy said I like Instagram post too much, like it was quite easy for me to like a post.

I don’t think I do, maybe I love Instagram and the delight of looking at photos around the world, but I do have my standards for liking a post if that’s even a valid point of view.

Let me walk you through with the below photos.

I am obsessed with quotes. I will probably die and utter an aphorism for my last breath. But any quote that doesn’t ring true to me or probably didn’t learn yet, or I simply don’t get doesn’t get a double tap. Below from thegoodquote definitely got a heart.

Instagram 1

I follow Sezyilmaz and he usually post exotic photos but the below doesn’t really thrill me. I don’t like the filter, I don’t like the cup, and I simply don’t like the whole concept since it lacks originality. How many hands and a cup have I seen? A lot that I’ve done it myself that it doesn’t impress me anymore.

There are times where a certain user posts that consecutively unattractive, unappealing, too commercial, ugly posts that I immediately, un-reluctantly “unfollow.”

Instagram 2

And there are those that post sweet photos like coffee table book that I look over my iPhone or MacBook. It’s too charming, sweet, and amazingly lovable not to declared and stamped with my heart.

Instagram 3


What is your main rule of liking an Instagram post?

  1. I like pictures that inspire me and I repay those who like my pics.

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