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[1: 1,384 of 10,000] Having A Car Is Like Having A Child?

In Article on December 10, 2014 at 10:49 PM

I’m a woman and single. I am not pumped up to settle down and have kids but why do I feel like having a car is like having a child? No disrespect to moms and kids. cars-01 I was trying to compute my expenses for my car and it is no joke. Let me share my list of expenses so far.

  1. The Car Cost (one time, thank goodness) – It’s like getting pregnant when I was on search of the right one. Buying it was like the actual birth. Real child is priceless, same way that the money I spent having the car was all worth it.
  2. Registration (yearly) – This is the proper registration and getting a birth certificate, putting a stamp that this baby is mine, the one with cute dimple and sparkly eyes.
  3. Insurance (yearly) – This is keeping my baby safe, the only option is full insurance.
  4. Salik registration (one time) – This is like enrolling your baby for a class.
  5. Salik top-up (twice monthly) – To be able to pass the toll anytime or privilege to pass anywhere without restriction.
  6. Change Oil, etc. (every 10,000 km) – Is like bringing my baby to the doctor for its routine check-up.
  7. Car Wash (weekly) – Is like getting a great bath and being squeaky clean.
  8. Gasoline (special, full, twice weekly) – Is feeding the baby to run.

So which property you endeared that it seemed like a baby for you too?

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