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[1: 1,385 of 10,000] Woman

In Article on December 12, 2014 at 9:57 PM

Woman & Her Shoes

My perfect definitions of Woman –

  • Not because “man” is found in its word doesn’t mean it needs a man to protect her. The difference is having the “wo” in front because a woman is capable to lead any man and she can actually do it with great style and unconditional care.
  • If you think woman is weak and can be summoned, think again, Angelina in The Tourist may have been summoned, but she knows she is dearly loved and her man will do great length to find her and tell her she is loved.
  • She cries because she would rather touch your heart with her vulnerability than to stoop down to a level of berating, an unworthy of her energy.
  • The smart woman is not easily persuaded by sex appeal but looked for stability of his mind and his confidence to keep up with where she already is.
  • Woman is equal to a Man.
  1. an interesting topic for sure!

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