Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,394 of 10,000] My Mom Prayed For Me

In Journal on January 24, 2015 at 9:59 AM

I was one of the answers to my mom’s prayer for a good daughter. I have 2 loving sisters, we aren’t perfect and all, but we are all right who have loved as much as we can, and took care of our mom until her last breath after battling colorectal cancer for 2 years.

If my days are down and a little gloomy, I should not forget that I was actually a God-sent to somebody. It is amazing that my mom despite getting an abortion for her first child since she never thought it was the right time, still managed to ask God to give her daughters who are kind and well behave. I have always tried to be well behave, even if in my adult years, it is quite challenging.

My mom was 5th from a total of 8 children, she grew up with 1 big sister and 6 brothers, so imagine her desire to have daughters to dress up and love. I still remember how she dressed me and my 11 months younger sister in pairs like twins, or how she tried to re-create Goldilocks curls to our shinny black hair. I remember how she tickles our ears to wake us up or how we made up our bed before we rise up. She surprised us with dolls on days that we least expect it. She encouraged me to pursue my dream to write at a young age. She was proud of me and listens to my opinions. She raised me being independent and must speak my mind.

My mom prayed for me, I am God little miracle that I should not take for granted, and it is my loving gratefulness that I exist in the world and be the most loving that I can be to the people around me. I was asked out of love, and in love I should live.

It’s a wonderful Saturday feeling being loved.

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