Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,395 of 10,000] Sending Postcards from Paris

In Journal on January 24, 2015 at 4:48 PM

Paris PostcardsIn this modern age, sending a quick message via social media or email is indeed convenient; but I thought writing on a postcard and using the snail mail, would be a perfect way to remind my loved ones that I wish them a fabulous 2015 and adding a flare of elegance by sending it all the way from France.

I pour my heart out, trying to compose the message without making a mistake, I couldn’t use backspace key can’t I, and trying to really stay awake as I made sure they are ready before I check-out from the hotel. It is worth mentioning that the concierge from Orly Hilton Hotel was amazingly generous of his time and kind of his assistance to take care of my mails that were destined to reach America, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines.

I never sent a postcard in my life, so doing it at the height of modern time, is a classy timing! My friends was happy with the surprise. They appreciate the beauty of an actual paper, a postman, and a handwritten note. They found it sweet and truly thoughtful.

So, send a postcard too!

Photo: That was me at the street of Paris picking just the right artistic card for my loved ones. The weather was fine at 5 degrees celsius.

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