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[1: 1,398 of 10,000] Simon Sinek’s Start With Why

In Article on February 2, 2015 at 1:30 AM

Start With WhyI totally recognise the power of a great book and Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” goes to my favourite of all time. I am working to start our own business (with the right alignments of the star this year meaning lots of hard work and perseverance from my end) and his idea is a perfect way to cover the base (very Meghan Trainor kind of base).

The lessons I’ve absorbed with my very own interpretation are the following amazing AHAs:

  • A company’s reason of existing should be greater than its self. I think what it also tries to say is to use my God-given talent and share it to the world. The nicest kind of vision!
  • A company’s reason is the WHY but it still needs help on HOW are you going to do it and WHAT are you going to produce that jives to it. When the WHAT and HOW are in alignment with WHY, then sure success is going to happen as there is true authenticity at work.
  • When the WHY is clear and properly communicated, it will attract and win LOYAL customers internally (employees and shareholders) and externally (end-user). They buy the product/service not just because of the product/service but because they believe the company’s reason of existence or what the company believes.

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