Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,403 of 10,000] Challenge To Expand My Circle

In Article on March 1, 2015 at 7:26 PM


There are certain people who I focus on and there are some that I can completely ignore. I wonder why do I ignore people a lot, is it because I already realised that I will only keep those who I needed and wanted? What about human connections and expanding my circle of trust?

I remembered in college that there were certain professors who hated me. I don’t really get why. One of them wasn’t a gentleman at all that he is spreading gossip about me in another class; I still didn’t care until now but I am fascinated what triggered his insanity; to think I have never disrespected him in any way. Another professor accused me that I have let my classmates cheated or copied my answers in one of the quizzes; if they did copy, then it happened without my consent. I should have fought her on this at the board if there is one to reprimand her but I just shook it off because I decided it is not worth my time challenging an authority, I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of a great war. Lastly, it seemed like I had a ghost at our college that one of the professors thought I deliberately asked to be excused from class only to roam around campus instead of attending an award ceremony with my family attending. I am not mad at them but they were perfect examples why I have never bow down to authorities who don’t deserve any adoration at all. I have learned to stand on my own and create my own path. If I could ignore authorities, what more would entice me to mingle with just about everybody. Is my ego as large as Earth? Or I just know how to pick the right cherries?

If I have professors who seemed to grew hatred on me; I do have others that supported and uplifted me. I am currently in a stage where I am hoping reading wisdom from great men will be my guide to betterment; since I am no longer in school then books are my next best companion. I am still on the look of mentors who I wish I could exchange ideas with at any given time ideally here in Dubai, face-to-face. I wonder who those great mentors be, I could feel I am meeting them soon!

Seriously, I wanted to expand my circle. I wanted to find ways to help people to be happy and know that they are loved unconditionally by God. I want people to enjoy life and the present moment. I want to teach them that it is all right to be a good person, to be patient, to be kind, to be honest, and to be incredibly loved and to love even without expecting to be loved in return. To trust that it is possible someone could love you despite the despicable facade being portrayed. To sweat for the hope that the goal at the end of the story is the best worthy reason but simply enjoy the challenging crazy journey. To never stop growing better to be the best that we can be and to have one another as support. To live heaven on earth now. I think I could write a book about it huh. 🙂


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