Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,409 of 10,000] Unnecessary Worrying

In Article on March 9, 2015 at 1:09 PM

I read the below quote from Instagram this morning –

Worry Quote

and then followed by today’s news from the paper about 4 local men who kidnapped, raped and murdered an Ethiopian maid; they brutally ran her over with a car and chopped her body in 2009. The accused increased the blood money from AED 100K to AED 200K as settlement with the family and now being released after over 5 years jail time and spared from death penalty after the appeal.

I don’t like reading and watching news because it tickled my worry side. I wonder if these 4 men are in their proper minds to mingle once again to the general public knowing that they have done a horrible harm to another person. Will they control the urge to kill? I hope so or it wouldn’t be safe to be out there.

I pray for the soul of the departed and for a great new beginning for the 4 men who are given a chance of freedom.

I know that reading the news could make me go nuts but it should give me more confidence that if I dwell on bad things all the time then I would indeed attract it, so I just move on to my life, be kind, and be happy. Right now, I could only pray for the things that I couldn’t and beyond my control.


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