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[1: 1,412 of 10,000] Crazy Weekend Headache by “Into The Woods”?

In Review on March 14, 2015 at 9:09 PM

Argh, I am not quite sure what brought this weekend headache, which isn’t happily invited at all. Let me have a recap on my Friday itinerary –

  • Just after midnight, I gathered the courage to read an email from someone I don’t admittedly say I love. Got baffled that he ended it with “I miss you!” I didn’t reply back.
  • My housemate was nagging me to find a good “Beef Bourguignon” recipe and make it for Friday. Checked Ina Garten’s and Julia Child’s, I need either a “Cognac” or “Brandy” – Yay! couldn’t do it now.
  • On bed at 2ish but didn’t get to sleep immediately.
  • Have to get up at 10am since it’s grocery day.
  • Dubai weather is getting a bit hotter and driving isn’t very fun.
  • Maxed out my Debit and Credit Cards to lent it to somebody important, I am crazy and that was the first hint of headache.
  • After 2 hours at Mall of the Emirates, we drove home with the excitement that I’m making red pasta with kofta meatballs. At this time, I am so hungry. Headache on level 2.
  • While cooking, I’ve eaten pre-cooked siomai, chips, and Sprite from Carrefour.
  • The pasta was delicious, but at this time, it’s already quite late, and I am still uber hungry!! I am elevating the the headache to level 3.
  • My sissy played the “Imitation Game” then “Into the Woods” – I don’t know about you by the “Into the Woods” singing almost all throughout the movie is ANNOYING!!! I did liked “Moulin Rouge” with lots of singing but “Into the Woods” almost have the same tone throughout the movie, seriously!!! At this time, I fall asleep not even waiting for the ending and my headache lasted until the whole Saturday. Headache level to the roof! And what’s with the baker’s wife and Prince Charming? Whoa, not the movie for kids at all, it has reality though, painful reality. The only part that made me laugh was the Baker getting pissed when Red Riding Hood was getting goodies, that was funny; but that’s it.

Into the Woods

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