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[1: 1,415 of 10,000] Create Everyday

In Article on March 17, 2015 at 10:33 AM

I am in awe that every human being is capable of “creating,” be “God-like”.

I have been lounging a lot lately, no complains, but this morning I was thinking what will surprise me today. I have been checking and shamelessly posting a lot too (sign that I am not busy at all) at various social media. I was locking myself at home and it was my redemption from boredom and solitude to have a peek of the world. Surprisingly enough, I found a good article to read – 10 Behaviors of Genuine People by Steve Tobak. He inspired this post because I was happy to read a sensible write-up, he was pertaining to a really good point that it is rare to find genuine people even in ourselves and we should all strive to be one.

Ah honesty, they fear you due to ultimate cowardliness.

I drove this morning and 2 cars at different roads blew their horns on me! No accidents there but seriously, where is the love? It was early in the morning, I gave a proper signal, I may be a Mini Cooper (small vehicle) but I drive quite fast, Charlie (our car’s name) roar and run like a race car!! Actually I was a bit close and furious; I guess that’s what happened for a gal looking for an excitement.

Going back to Tobak, I emailed him to tell him that his article was impressive. I hope this post is another good creation for sharing his amazing ideas to the rest.

What have you created today?


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