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[1: 1,416 of 10,000] I Miss You

In Journal on March 17, 2015 at 11:16 AM

I have been hearing those 3 words from 1 particular person a lot lately even uttered in a controlled pretend sobs; and I am quite at peace that I don’t find a bit of inclination to reply positively, it is not arrogance, I searched my heart but I really couldn’t say “I miss you too,” because I genuinely don’t.

It’s funny how he says those words when he knew the reason why I left, it was all because of his choices. I told him I didn’t agree of what he believed, but he hid things and I truly felt he pushed me away. It’s lunacy that he misses me. He shouldn’t have the right and the dignity to miss someone he was willing to let go in the first place. If he begged that I’d stay, I probably won’t, because staying in his company was enduring breathless moments and struggling dramatic episodes. I got to admit it was a wrong relationship to begin with, it was odd, there were different expectations, and it could never work.

I probably moved on and this is probably the last post about this man whom my heart had adored for years, okay just 2 years. He continuously say he misses me but never about wanting me back and I like that. He knew that it ended. He said he never gave me a proper good bye, maybe that’s what’s bothering him; in all honesty I don’t need it but maybe for his peace he needs it, to convince himself that he made a good decision for himself.

LOL! I just really don’t care anymore.


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