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[1: 1,428 of 10,000] Breaking Bad

In Article, Review on April 4, 2015 at 5:26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 4.04.16 PMI’m doing sort of a marathon for the “Breaking Bad” TV show and I got to say I could understand why it got noticed on awards and raving admiration from the viewers; it’s gripping (suspense) and sad (drama)! I just hope people liked the fantasy (entertainment and simple play in the imagination) of actually doing a bad action but not the idea of having to relate or thinking of doing such crimes like cooking crystal meth, doing drugs, selling illegal substances, murdering people, lying, stealing, hiring prostitute, justifying that the money earned from wrong means will raise a decent family, and making use of the last thread of life or terminal cancer illness is a good enough reason to just leave the bad stuff behind – clean exit.

The show probably portrays reality to other people or in some way a reflection on how we all make mistakes and wrong decisions. It’s not about being judgmental but we have our own responsibilities to strive to do the right thing. Doing good and doing bad is equally the same effort, it is our thinking and belief that mess it all up. We are creative, intelligent, and beautiful individual and we just have to find our centre and persevere to break out from becoming or being bad. We are intrinsically good.

If you’ve watched the show, I’m still in Season 2, the main character who is a Chemistry Teacher genius was growing into becoming a bad person. It takes hard work; and if it is the real world and you are a genius, there is absolutely a way to do things the right way. He’s actually planning that his unborn child Holly will grow up from meth profit? Is it enough to justify that men died and he supplied the addiction of various people for the sake that Holly will grow up with decent money?

My mom cheated on my dad. She had a relationship with a married man as her vehicle to get out of the Philippines to earn decent money in United Arab Emirates so she may financially support my education and of my 2 younger siblings. At first I didn’t believe about the lover until I confirmed it. I was mad at her, because I know she is smarter than using her femininity in exchange of decent living. She was a businesswoman until the business went bankrupt. Her sacrifice of indecency gets me and my sister an education. I was like Holly. I vowed that I will never become a mistress and destroy a family, never use my being a woman to get me easy money, and I shall be responsible for my action to never cause harm to anyone. I can personally vouch that if we really want to not do bad things, we have the capacity to, it is not impossible, it is hard, but not impossible. Is it a heaven’s humour that I feel something, so I thought is love to a married man, he was my ex-boss, yes I resigned before I make the mistake of breaking bad.

  1. BB is a tv show not reality, nobody is suggesting you should do bad cos u have a “reason” it is fantasy and people like the “idea” that an ordinary guy could do so much and succeed but does he? your mum did what she thought was best for you so u should not be judging her by your standards which by the way she instilled in you, try to grow up

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