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[1: 1,440 of 10,000] Alexa Chung’s “IT”

In Review on April 18, 2015 at 4:47 PM

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung’s “IT” is one of the easiest books I finished to read in under 2 hours. I liked how she also shared personal photos of herself and her friends without any caption; it gives people room for their own interpretation.

She admires Kate Moss as evident with this statement:

Anything Kate Moss puts near her body is instantly transformed into the coolest thing ever, because She is the coolest thing ever and nobody can explain why. It’s just a fact.

And for me, Alexa is one of the coolest people in the fashion world or an “IT” girl. How do I define an “IT”? She is confident and she might have a preferred style that won’t be adored by all but she owns it and speaks true of what she loves. If you’re a woman and loves Instagram, you’ve probably seen this book incorporated into the shots, because including it as an accent makes the photo pretty cool and valid to hash tag it with fashion.

It’s a fun book, not a bit serious, and obviously written by a young Alexa as her story revolved about style and her icons, getting heart broken, her friends, and simply living “a fun” life.

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