Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,450 of 10,000] What Voice?

In Journal on April 28, 2015 at 10:05 AM

I am struggling to finish my first eBook, it has been days that it doesn’t sound like the way I wanted it. I am looking for the right voice and the perfect format.

I am actually digging part of myself and come up with the most descent and authentic intention because that seemed to be the main hindrance that is keeping me from letting go. It has to be because I want to share my story and it helps, it serves.

It’s a realisation that making an eBook is not as relax as making a short blog post. I couldn’t possibly put wrong details. I have to recheck my facts and since I am aiming for 30 pages more facts isn’t it.

I can usually organise details effortlessly but this time it is challenging to build my pyramid, my OCness hides. Am I just overthinking or it’s the cue that I have to take a different route?

I couldn’t feel the soul of the story. Is this what they’ve been referring to as writer’s greatest scrutiny. I am not afraid to publish it in Amazon.com but I couldn’t possibly put something that I am not raving. I know when I’ve written something I love, I couldn’t possibly be tired to keep going back rereading it. Yes, tirelessly.

Am I just emotional that I’m digging the past? I am going back to the journey my family had gone through.

I am trying too hard. I don’t rave for fame and fortune, if it happens then it’s a bonus, I just want it to be relaxed and beautifully narrated.

I just have to keep writing and if I couldn’t make up my mind with the format, let me try to do two versions? For the love of getting things done though, at least finish one now!

People will have different interpretation of things and I would only pray that they’ve heard me whispering about loving life whatever the circumstance.


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