Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,457 of 10,000] HER

In Article on May 5, 2015 at 8:31 AM


I know her.

She’s emotional because she loves truly and deeply.
She’s one of a kind by being able to see people’s heart.
She takes risks and won’t let anyone use her.
She devotes her time to a good purpose.
She loves her family and would protect them the best way she can.
She stands strong even when she’s hurt.
She recognises and shows her vulnerability.
She doesn’t stop finding the right path and making the right road.
She contemplates death but will be looking to have a meaningful life.
She’s creative and likes to laugh.
She’s an odd crazy friend but a true friend nevertheless.
She likes spreading happiness and positivity.
She’s generous of her wealth, time, and energy.
She rarely complain and rant because she’s forgiving.
She let people live their life and give them their space.
She prays sincerely not just for herself but for others too.
She’s learning to sleep and pampers her body.
She’s grateful and full of surprises.
She knows she can get whatever she wants that she works for.
She finds optimism in every scenario, a true ray of sunshine.
She’s impulsive but knows the right time to speak her mind.
She’s not afraid to apologise and not afraid to make mistake.
She knows she’s imperfect but continues to strive to be one.
She’s beautiful especially when she smiles with her eyes.
She doesn’t wait to be validated, she knows her value.
She feels fuzzy warm feelings for sweet gestures.
She loves the rose and thorns and all.
She inspires the people around her to do great things.
She has standards with all the good reasons to back it up.
She sets example and commands respect and credibility.
She’s unapologetic to defend what’s right.
She knows when to walk away.
She never meant to hurt anyone.
She is everything above because she is loved and she has love within.

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