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[1: 1,462 of 10,000] The Gift & Love For Writing

In Article on May 10, 2015 at 1:12 AM


I am an emotional writer and there is no doubt that I love to write and surely I still have a lot to learn to become a great writer.

I never really understood how it is really my gift and passion to write until my sister and I were talking. I told her it is about time that we should collaborate and write our first eBook together. I got two sissies and this is the one who was like my twin sister and we have several successful projects together since college including being part of the literary club as writers and later part of the editorial board.

She was supposed to write some and then after a few days, she sent me a draft and said she couldn’t collaborate with the particular book that I was hoping that we finish together. She admitted that it was painful for her to compose. She doesn’t really like it and even added it is the same dreadful feeling when she signed up as a literary writer in college. I thought she was always able to write but that’s the difference between her and me, I am willing to commit and excited to write even if it takes effort. It was really an awakening.

I don’t think writing is my only path in this lifetime but I am grateful that I’ve figured one of them and practically enjoying it.

I wish you find your passion too and be able to live and share it. 🙂

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