Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,470 of 10,000] Double Or Multiple

In Article on May 18, 2015 at 2:33 PM

Double Multiple

I am living a double life! Or is it multiple personalities shared to the world wide web?

I’ve been sharing my personal blog to my friends before but not the way I am doing recently. I have created new social media accounts and linked them all to my new personal blog with a domain name “my first name and last name” dot com. I have accepted all contacts and I am trying to build my brand in preparation of my eBook launch.

In this blog where everything is almost anonymous, I have no hesitation to discuss any topic or true stories as long as I leave the specific names out. In the other blog, I am still reluctant to be unapologetically honest because I know that people that I know who might think that I am talking about them may not receive it happily; so I am sticking to a more precise topic and that I will keep the rule of being kind and be overly creative to say words that are not patronising but definitely not sugar coated, ultimately simply tact and kind.

Am actually happy when I am able to publish a post in the other blog because it meant I was able to surpass my fear of being judged by the people who I personally know, not that they will eat me, but you know that little voice inside my head who gets intimidated and protective. I still have to get better materials so I can post confidently every week.

Being here is just pure bliss where I could immediately blurt my feelings and opinions, having no face and yet so honest. Ah the comparison, both platforms give me matters to learn and I love the challenge and my own inner struggle. I need to be as brave as I do here in my new blog, I’ll get there, and whether I win new enemies or not, I just have to be sure that what I write is true to me and not demeaning to anyone.

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