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[1: 1,476 of 10,000] Personal Cards & Letters I Keep

In Journal on May 24, 2015 at 6:14 PM

Birthday Cards

I am a notorious destroyer (dishing them in the bin) of my own old journals but I am a sucker for personal cards and letters. I treasure even the handmade out from a magazine cut out sort of materials as long as it came from someone important to me and it contained a personal message.

FAMILY. The message where often silly especially if it’s coming from my sisters but this is exactly the moment that I get really attached and protective. The cards seemed magical like a time capsule that could contained all their love and could even trigger my tears.

FRIENDS. My own validation that I have a circle more than myself and my family, that I have actually took chances to let other people be part of my life, and they love me enough to give me a personal message, it’s an effort, not a careless email that can be deleted.

I got to be honest and practical, the cards are pretty slim so it is actually convenient to keep them. 😉


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