Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,480 of 10,000] I Have No Reason To Complain

In Article on May 28, 2015 at 9:40 AM

I absolutely have no reason to complain about in my life. Anything I needed to achieve my happiness is on me. If I am thirsty, I could get myself a drink. If I don’t know anything, I could be inquisitive. If I am sad, I simply smile and it would trick my brain that I am actually happy, hence what am doing while typing this blog post in a coffee shop (no I am not checking who is looking at me weirdly wondering why I smile crazily because it is my life).

There are goals that are not quite easy to get and this is indeed a challenging part. It will require me to be more patient to work harder, to be creative to find another route, or enjoy the journey and laugh at the confusion that I could not necessarily understand now or ever. Whatever the result, what’s important is I show up and do something about it.

The hardest part of dreaming is the moment when I know in every inch of me that it’s time to relinquish my control. I don’t know if you believe that there is someone looking after us, someone bigger than we could ever imagine, and when I’m willing to let Him guide me after all I could ever do, He’ll bring me peace and the ultimate success that gives me fulfilment.

I long for fulfilment, which I define as having the complete feeling that I matter because I have done something that matter not just for myself but for someone else or serving more that I could ever imagine.


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