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[1: 1,485 of 10,000] Birthday Present

In Article on June 2, 2015 at 12:10 PM

I like doing things for the first time because it means I am exploring a new way. Since it felt like I have nothing significant to offer in this world except living peacefully on my own with full of gratefulness for all the blessings and on top of that I am celebrating my 35th birthday, I thought of a way to give a piece of me to give thanks for this healthy life.

Dubai accepts blood “donation” and I don’t see Dubai accepting blood for payment. I thought that’s really a beautiful gesture for people in Dubai to donate blood for someone’s need and yes it’s one of those that it is actually healthy for me to give too, that’s like exponential goodness.

It’s my birthday, I’ve eaten cake for breakfast (timed it at 8:00 AM end of food so I can donate blood by 12:00 PM without disrupting the rule), I’m nervous about the process of getting close to a needle (this is the first ever donation in my entire life), and so by the time I reached the blood pressure test, the machine was alarming of my overly fast heartbeat and high blood pressure. I was laughing of the incident and told myself I didn’t come all the way here just to screw this up so I calm the hyper in me, inhale and exhale repeatedly, stopped talking, and it worked. I was too happy!

The pricking was more painful that the actual blood extraction. It went smoothly, I drank cold mango juices. I noticed that my blood wasn’t bright red, it’s more like burgundy, and the expert asked if I was smoking and told him no (does second hand smoker applies?) and then he asked if I normally drink lots of water and actually no but for the sake of the blood donation I tried to drink more than usual, eat healthier food, and slept properly. The hardest part was actually squeezing a stress ball during the actual process, it’s tiring but it has to be done so I suck it up and comply. The centre needs to test my blood before it will be given to somebody else. I hope it’s a good 450 ml happy blood so it may help to make one to three people happier. I have another agenda for going through it, I wanted to confirm my blood type and to make sure that I am more into helping than my ulterior motive, I have to donate more from this point onwards.

Seeing all the other people who were there to donate, given their time to be there, were admirable. I have high respect for them for showing up and just giving. Once upon a time, UAE has helped my mother so much, and the only way I also know how to repay the kindness bestowed upon our family is to give back.

I was able to drive after donating. I went for lunch right after. Dubai’s weather is getting too hot nowadays that at some point after lunch on the way to my apartment, I felt like losing oxygen and so I cooled off as soon as I reached home with a nice air-conditioned room; and drink cold lemon iced tea. Because of the donation, I couldn’t drink anything with alcohol that night, so I stayed sober and enjoyed lots of dinner instead at a fancy restaurant.

Blood Donation

If you’re in Dubai and would like to donate, click here for more information. It’s advisable to just go to the centre and make sure to allot one hour for the whole process from signing up forms up to completing the donation. They are open from Sunday to Thursday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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