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[1: 1,501 of 10,000] The Letter That Was Never Sent

In Letter on June 18, 2015 at 11:40 PM

Sealed Letter

My Dearest T,

You felt that I am in love with you and I find no reason to admit it because I was not supposed to be drawn to you. I could not understand why did I fall for you, intoxicated with your lust, or is it the virgin in me that needed to belong and craved your possessiveness.

Why did you cheat on your wife? Why do you think it was all right to hurt another heart that adores you? Why do you think I would not give your wife the courtesy to tell the truth about your betrayal after you said you have changed? Yes I was jealous, hurt, but more than my own feeling I want women to be respected and loved without disloyalty.

You accused me of breaking your marriage, oh if you could only read my heart that I was moving far away so I may pray that your relationship flourishes. You were upset that I open wounds, but how can you heal a wound you kept running away from instead of curing it. I am sorry I pried to open a secret you’ve been hiding.

You have cursed me, demanded that I should be ashamed, questioned my values, mocked what honor do I bring to my dead parents, sworn you don’t want to see or hear from me, and never will you forgive me. I leave you the space that was yours, and I will wish that one day when the anger diminishes, you’ll remember I have always valued to be truthful and there is no way I could lie to a woman who asked me to be her friend and give her honesty that you’ve deprived.

May the choices you’ve made was worth all the pain and pleasure. I never regret a single thing I did, not even the part that I have loved you, but maybe there were people we do meant to meet to bid good bye for good. I will never apologise nor will I ever attempt to speak and see you again, but when you’re ready to listen, I will tell you I am sorry I never trusted your judgment and believed that you’re capable of being honest and no need to say good bye because it never had started.

Thank you,


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