Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,504 of 10,000] Do I Need To Keep Memories?

In Journal on June 21, 2015 at 12:33 AM

Remember my triumps when I am down and remember my defeat when I’m arrogant. Yeah, memories are the easist way to refer when I face new life circumstance but if I were to live in the now is it still relevant? If I take every experience as a new taste of life, should I not judge it based on the past?

With too much sharing on social media and with the sleeky matter-of-fact-this-is-for-the-sake-of-making-a-memory do I really live in the moment or it’s another excuse that I dwell too much of what has been? Memories that give me bad vibes though are the one I burried so deep I don’t want to even touch them and in my happy world I start to create a new interpretation of joy out of them, a make believe.

I like uncertainty with the definite determination that I will wake up every single time to find out how I will play life. I have the habbit of going back in the past instead of moving forward, and I have to stop that, even if it’s hard. I am laughing at myself for keeping three journals all at the same time, and so I laugh that I could not even bring myself to read them back. It’s like a confession of a painful memory and then I cast it so far away. I am mumbling in this post right now, forgive me if this doesn’t make sense to you as my reader.

There are words in my heart that want to go out and I couldn’t decipher. It is full of wonders and it will either haunt me forever or continue to bring mystery in bringing me to write cryptic post like this. Senseless and yet it resembles what my heart wanted to say.


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