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[1: 1,509 of 10,000] Is There Really A Fine Line Between Personal And Business?

In Article on June 26, 2015 at 9:49 AM

Home & Work

Here is what I see it, Personal and Business Lives don’t have bounderies, there is only a sense of responsibility that goes with each. I have said that a company is family, and I can’t certainly provide my family with the basic needs without business. They go together, they are one, they are the same, but my logic has to be clearly explained to be understood.

I want to have my tribe, I may not necessarily been given the choice of who my family is but I will most likely get the freedom to select my company. I am most likely to be comfortable with my family because they’ve been with me for a LONG TIME and work may also seems just for passing time until the next best thing comes along.

I am speaking of my own belief on this matter and basing on my own circumstance. It may not fit your story but maybe you’ll see a connection.

I love my family. I love working.

My family will never betray me and we are present for one another for support. I love them.

I have been in so many companies, and each time there is a perfect reason to leave. It’s a challenge that why can’t company create a family atmosphere that each employees are there for better or worst. Why can’t each employee become an integral part, and respect is there if we can’t call it love. I highly believed that a company’s success rest so much to the leader, a company owner with unstable capability to lead, will bring any company to failure. No matter how smart and dedicated are the employees, if the leader doesn’t care for his staffs’ welfare and clueless on how to steer the ship, it is headed to a wreck.

I have been accussed for combining personal and business and I thought why not, if I am giving my love and dedication in one relationship, why can’t I expect myself to give it to the other? It is who I am, I have sets of values that I will exercise in all aspects of my life. Why will I stop myself to be faithful to my work and yet I do that at home? I can’t split my personality, I can’t act differently especially if what is being in questioned are my core values.

I undertand that we deal with people differently because everybody is unique; but I can’t possibly understand that a man who is not good at home, can be good at work especially if I can objectively see how he is acting up in both scenes. Everybody needs to serve somehow in their life, they have to work in order to have the means to purchase for their needs unless they can be self-sufficient and go back to the old barter trade. My point is, it’ll be delightful that we love our work so much that we never have to find the reason to leave but we stay in the company that we love to keep innovating, growing, and leaving legacies; same as we do in our family, we remain faithful and loyal to maybe give birth or adopt or guide the youth in the family to grow up as responsible individuals.

I hope that people continue to seek enlightenment or to be awakened that life is beautiful. It is indeed filled with challenges to test our faith and to strengthen our muscles, but are always covered and supported by God. It is never about our dependence on God, but He is ever present with us if we stay humble and seek for the Holy Spirit. He lovingly directs our steps if we will let Him; and we should because His way is the right way. I don’t want to stay arrogant and think if I don’t do anything I am being useless and just letting Him fight my battle; but the truth is while I wait as He changes me and as He defends me, I am given the privilege to enjoy life, not worry, and not to forget to be kind and keep on creating awesomeness. I never wanted to be alone, I always say I have to take care of myself, but I know in my heart that I have God taking care of the rest, the most important part. I am standing tall because I got Him.

Have a wonderful faith filled life! 🙂


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