Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,513 of 10,000] Chanting A Positive Mantra

In Article on June 30, 2015 at 10:17 AM


What we think, we create. What we think can change our mood. What we think can make a difference.

In the previous months, I have been allowing my mind to frequently drift away to negative thoughts, or pleasurable thougths that is a form of addiction and are never beneficial for me or the people around me. It is not easy to fight the thoughts, it made me cry, it made be feel pitiful, it made me question my value, and it paralyzed me to stay in my fearful and dark comfort zone.

Whenever I start to drift away to be angry and be defensive while playing a scene that had happened or recreate a dream the way I fancied, I have to say “hush” to myself or refocus my mind. Refocusing that might also involved reading a positive healthy book, listening to a positive video, or be observant of my thoughts; the last part is a funny thing because whenever I become present and observant, it curl up and becomes mute. It waits until I crumble again and it will give me silly thoughts that are not relevant to better me or others, otherwise it freezes like a sneaky child.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet from Joyce Meyer and it’s definitely a positive mantra chant that I could repeat over and over when I am trying to gain control of my thougths, it’s “GOD is with me right now.” Repeating it until my heart recognises the essence of the chant that eventually calms my whole being, then I smile, and then I feel very courageous, strong and grateful. When I feel so blessed I then change it up to “GOD is with us right now,” because it feels even better to include everyone else like praying for my brothers and sisters.

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