Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,517 of 10,000] Talking To An Investor

In Article on July 4, 2015 at 9:02 PM

DressI talked to an investor today.

I slipped into my favourite blue polka-dot dress and brown Steve Madden sandals for casual and carefree look, I hope I looked made up but effortless. I had my subtle Tom Ford lipstick and then I was running late.

I will never forget this day, speaking nicely to my Mini Cooper that we get to the meeting place safe and fast. I never like to be late but it seemed incredelous that due to preparation and last minute changes, I was simply late.

I finished the 10 slides in a breeze and he said he’ll think about it, absorb, and would most likely to give me a call in two days time. I have presented a really new idea that is not available in the market, and with no NDA signed, this thing is flying in complete trust.

I could possibly be creating the next social network like Facebook and Linkedin with a different twist. I could feel the pressure of doing well. I am already expecting the worst that my integrity and values will be questioned with what I am about to launch, and yet it feels right if this go through than being just another employee in a company instead of running one myself.

Am I ready? I have to be. I hope with God’s blessings that this is my track right now and I would be lead to the right partners. Exciting and I am not losing track to what’s important, to uphold goodness and promote great values!

Part of my research was based on Infographics 😀 I hope it worked!

If these turned out positively, it is quite rich with great stories and anecdotes.


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