Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,522 of 10,000] Today Was A Blessing

In Journal on July 9, 2015 at 11:59 PM

I love today because I was given another chance to learn about “awakening” but most especially on how to connect with God. I feel blocked, I have the difficulty of moving on because I couldn’t let go of my past pains, and things are not turning the way I was hoping it would be. Then today, I saw the full interview of Oprah Winfrey with Michael Singer that gave me an incredible revelation that I’m longing.

I know that God loves and takes care of me but I couldn’t hear Him. It feels like the phone line sometimes get disconnected and now I figure out the best way to get the line open all the time.

What I learn…

Problems are the perfect way to see the thorns. The best way to react on the situation is to relax then give it a space to pass through. When I become free from my minds by not giving in to the unhelpful thoughts, I will be able to tap stillness where I get connected with God. By then I would be letting the thorns be removed. Real spiritual growth is letting go.

Life has a natural way of unfolding reality. It’s not that I will be too careful of not acting but I am called to harmoniously participate without getting attached so I let life flows. I feel blessed that God gave me all the faculties to be creative, smart, and being awakened. He made me in his image and likeness so I could be the captain of my own self but I never need to be alone but he’s always ready to guide me. I am not my thoughts, I am the one who sees all of it.

I would love to arrive in the moment when all my thorns are out and then I truly love and see others for who they really are, a beautiful human being. It’s a bit hazy until I practise but I am glad I am on my way.

I have never been more hopeful and grateful for finally hearing the best way to communicate with God, The Father. I hope everyone finds the peace so we feel free from fear and able to deal with anything.


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