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[1: 1,527 of 10,000] Forget About Pleasing Everybody

In Article on July 14, 2015 at 11:59 PM

Forget about pleasing everybody. It is very rare to get 100% approval from all the crowd that you wanted and it’s all right.

scallopsI love watching food related show and I’ve seen the Masterchef: The Professionals where three contestants must impress michelin star/s chefs. In terms of food, no matter how good you prepare the dish if a person is not really keen on eating a certain food, it would be hopeless to achieve 100% approval. The chef who prepared the appetiser gave the crowd raw scallops, and some of the diners liked that it was ceviche but others wanted it seared.

This is the part where I clearly understand that never get attached with the result. If I would be the contestant, of course I would make sure that I prepare the best dish that I personally vouch that I conceptualised and hopefully made with perfection. I pour love into it and I could only hope that the judges enjoy it. If the judges happen to critique, if it’s constructive criticism well thank you very much so I can improve next time, or if it’s a matter of not everybody will like ceviche scallops then it’s okay as I will surely not be contained in offering just scallops. Maybe the diner liked ceviche squid or fish in some other time? 😉

It’s all right that not everybody I meet everyday will not like how I do things. As far as I am concern, I only have one being to please and He loves me unconditionally, supports my growth, and aims for my joy… it’s God and trust me He does all those matters to you too.

Have a carefree day!

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