Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,528 of 10,000] Can You See GOD?

In Journal on July 15, 2015 at 12:31 PM


Can you see GOD? Or does it really matter that you don’t see or hear HIM?

I have my spiritual journey lately and I am enriching my faith because I want to live a peaceful and a joyful life.

I once asked why can’t I see GOD just like in the Old Testament where he had spoken to men? Why do I have to use my inner belief that he exists even if I don’t see him?

Right NOW, these are the things that I LOVE:

  • GOD is so powerful that HE is everywhere and has always been in ME.
  • When I stay relax, still, and aware of the presence, I am connecting with GOD.
  • GOD loves me and everyone even if we are going to make mistakes in the future.
  • GOD sees perfection in me. Am I not made in his image and likeness?
  • GOD sees my heart that no men need to understand and acknowledge.
  • I can let go of my fears because GOD strengthens me.

There are so many miracles happening every day, the fact that I woke up, breathe, and blogging are just the start. I am rejoicing with the joys of others. I am at peace that GOD take cares of everyone. I am grateful that I am whole. I am excited with all the surprises as life unfolds.

Can you see GOD? Start by looking at the mirror, smile, and say THANK YOU.

  1. Hi, Ryeter. Glad to see your feelings and perceptions of God.
    It’s true that He is all powerful and omnipresent. You can feel his greatness throughout all this world. It’s because of Him that we are enjoying and experiencing all these things as we do now. I appreciate your attitudes and beliefs.
    But, one thing needs mention that man is never perfect. It’s because he is always surrounded by desires and other materialistic attitudes. He is helpless and can’t come out entirely from those vicious attachments. So, he will be always committing some mistake or other and cannot reach perfection. God knows this fact and so always tries to help us whenever we seek help from Him to get rid of those evil things. Only thing is you need to be honest in getting His help.

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