Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,530 of 10,000] I Asked A Psychologist Where Is He From

In Journal on July 17, 2015 at 8:10 PM

Free Horses

I was impressed with a certain psychologist after watching him from a video. I reached him for an advice and in addition I asked where is he from. I am not sure if I was clear about my question but he didn’t answer about his country of origin. The curious in me searched the answer and found it.

It occurs to me that whether I know where is he from or not I still have the same respect. I sometimes assess a situation or a person based on the background that they’ve been, part of it is fascination and part of it is to make up a new understanding. Our past affects us and it’s a wonderful sight that we grow better, our best.

One day I am going to die. If the average life span is 80, I only have 45 years left. Will I live being too careful? Will I follow my dream? Will I continue to judge people or I will drop the labels all together and recognise that people need to be kinder and appreciate the beauty infront of me.

It is nice to be forgiving. I wanted so much to forget a part of my past but it kept coming out. When I couldn’t stay present, it disturbed me and then when I snap back to my very BEING, it doesn’t matter. My past is forcing me to relieve control and demanding so much of my faith that this life is worth my whole heart and spirit. It is beautiful beyond the fascades and crazy fears. I am simply grateful for the grace that I could stay in this moment and find joy even if I don’t understand everything.


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