Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,538 of 10,000] I Owe It To Myself

In Journal on July 25, 2015 at 4:43 PM


I owe it to myself that I am my responsibility. The words, thoughts, and actions that I create and share to the world is my responsibility.

I owe it to myself to wake up in the morning with that inner glow of happiness that I got the chance to live the life with gratitude and freedom.

I owe it to myself to dress well, feel good, and show up clean and fabulous.

It’s great growing mature that I now don’t seek approval or impressing anyone especially that I know my value and the truth if I have given my best.

It’s breathtaking to believe, to have the faith that I am God’s perfect creation and so is everyone else.

There is no time to live in fear, in second guessing, and in sadness as long as I connect with God.

The life here on earth isn’t the end, there are more glorious moments, but right now I am at peace.

I am not afraid of death but I am not careless with the life that I currently have.

I don’t grow weak against my enemies because God will protect the good and the truth. I shall forgive and remain loving.

Photo Source: From Up North


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