Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,545 of 10,000] GOD Is Not A Second Late

In Article on August 1, 2015 at 11:59 PM


I was scared if I would not be able to pay my bills on time. My emergency fund just depleted and the new career is just around the corner. I have always been a very responsible person that running away from my responsibility isn’t my thing. Although lately, I was drained on how will I make my payments on time! It is so crazy I have asked almost everyone I know and every body is tied up.

My usual daily routine was abadoned because of finding solution to my problem. Even a wonderful good news was not giving me pleasure unless it was going to solve my bills. It was really a crucial challenge for me to relax for something I cannot really solve unless I ask my younger sisters again. I was avoiding that at all costs because I don’t want to burden them but at the end of the day, my family was my saviour.

I prayed before I slept and told GOD that I trust you and I know that you are not a second late. I know that it was my fault that I was in this position and I know I am learning that I will never want to be in this position again. I was so tired that I just went to bed at 10ish, which is the earliest and surprisingly I dozed off quickly.

I am grateful that I have a home. I am grateful that I can blog. I am grateful that I have a family. I am grateful that I have friends. I am grateful that I know people. I am grateful for my sensitivity. I am grateful for the sunrise and sunset. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful that I can laugh. I am grateful that I am learning for the better everyday. I am grateful most of all that I am loved unconditionally by GOD and He hears me. Thank you Jesus!

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