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In Journal on August 5, 2015 at 9:36 PM

Good Day

Something happened yesterday, I feel positive energies filling my whole body. I feel tingling excited effects. I am so inspired I couldn’t sleep when I went to bed. I truly laughed last night, I remember when I truly laugh because they have been so rare; I am happy.

What were happening that day?

  1. Woke up early, took a bath, and had a Frosty Cereal for breakfast.
  2. I was hopeful about a positive future. I was elated that I hope I found a good company who received my job application.
  3. I accompanied my sister to visit a Dermatologist. This is the second time we’re meeting the doctor. The first meeting was not pleasant, my sister and I thought the doctor was cold, unfriendly, and dismissive; but the second meeting is a complete shift, because he’s suddenly warm, friendly, and caring. I love that.
  4. I joined the group “Choose Yourself” in Facebook started by the Altucher couple and I am inspired by the great supportive people in it. Somebody sent his smiling face because he’s being resilient despite having as he described as a shitty day.
  5. I am reading this book that promised amazing lessons that would be helpful for a profitable second self-publish ebook in Amazon Kindle.
  6. I came up with ideas on what should my second book be, picked the topic, and laid topics for the chapters.
  7. I had a late lunch of Chicken Ceasar Salad with soft croutons (I was so hungry I forgave the croutons), sparkling water with lemon and ice, sugar coated donut, and the most amazing medium-sized Caramel Latte at Gloria Jean’s Coffees.
  8. I am also happy that people appreciated my blog post.
  9. For dinner, I whipped a quick scrambled egg and had it with Ritz crackers. Sissy prepared lemon iced tea squeezed with fresh lemon and orange.

Then I couldn’t sleep at all! I woke up with a dream of my adopted brother and he was a baby and requesting that I cook him my delicious rice porridge.


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