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[1: 1,550 of 10,000] What Do I Value Today?

In Article on August 6, 2015 at 11:50 AM

MacBook Air

These are the things that I couldn’t live without. They are essential to me and I will not give them up. It may seem trivial but I want them, I need, I must always have them!

  1. Quiet time to pray. My prayer includes being thankful that I have these things. 🙂 I am growing in loving God deeper everyday. I couldn’t see Him but I know He’s connecting with me all the time. I do feel disappointed that sometimes I forget He loves me and protects me that I start to get scared, silly, and sinful. I’m a maturing Christian. 🙂
  2. My sisters. I don’t know how will I ever survive comfortably and happily without my sisters, my family, my true authentic support.
  3. My health. I love to read, to share ideas, to go places, to speak, to laugh, and without my health, everything will be extra effort just to do anything so I value my health with good eye sight, healthy fingers that can write and type, feet that can walk, and a head that doesn’t throb.
  4. MacBook Air. I am lusting for the latest thin MacBook but I am still greatful and in love with my cute Air. This is the first laptop that I can call my own. It’s mine. The passwords in every site is mine. All mine! It’s my personal space that would allow me to responsibly share my ideas to the world. I try to be really helpful, relevant, and pleasant every time. I respect the time people give to what I share.
  5. iPhone. It’s the easiest way for anyone to contact me and my best medium to be in touch to the right people that I needed in my life.
  6. Internet Connection. If it’s time to be connected to the world online, I got to have an internet connection. This when used responsibly is helping everyone for the better. Aside from sharing myself to others, I am grateful that I learn from others too. The world becomes limitless, boundless, yes there are few hindrances but the possibilities of good things are so much greater.
  7. Clothes. I’ll be rude to be naked. 😀
  8. Food. You don’t eat, you don’t breathe, you die.
  9. Home. I have a safe place to retreat where I can be me without bra, in my PJ, eat sloppy, jump like crazy, talk crazy, shit, cook, sleep, rest, and create.
  10. Handbag. I couldn’t go out without a bag. I have to carry essentials.
  11. Books. I love books even before I became an author. I believe books are created with so much love and it truly teach people something. I always want to learn so I can move forward, to grow for the better.
  12. NOW. I am grateful for my present. Present is a gift and I have all the freedom to make things happen. I always aim that in everyday I create something, that’s important to me, that I just didn’t let life drift infront of me. I must participate in creating but most of all I must be at peace. Being at peace is a gift each of us can offer to the world, because when we’re at peace we give out positive energy. Positive energy is happiness, inspiration, and all the beautiful feelings, things, and miracles that you can comprehend and even not that are right in all its essence.

Do we value the same thing? What is that one thing you most value and is grateful for?

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