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[1: 1,554 of 10,000] My Average Online People

In Article on August 10, 2015 at 4:54 PM

I am hungry for role models. I am very concern that my current average people is one (my sissy whom I love so much) and it’s not enough. In order to achieve self growth I kept myself searching, moving, attentive, and reading a lot. I am happy that I found genuine people who are honest and worth anyone’s time to learn from at any given time – online.


  1. Elizabeth Gilbert is active on Facebook where I follow her! I once posted on her wall that she gives me a good reason to be excited to be in Facebook since she’s pouring lots of inspirations; she was gracious and replied with “THANK YOU!”. She teaches me about creativity and her passion for writing is infectious. Her insights on life is remarkable too, such a strong woman, human.
  2. Glennon Doyle Melton is active on both Facebook and Instagram where I follow her. She’s a thoughtful mother with great life views too. I am learning motherhood from her, not necessarily for my future children but understanding motherhood and caring for children.
  3. James Altucher is active on LinkedIn, Facebook “Choose Yourself” Group, Podcast, and Quora where I follow him. I am also subscribed to his daily article. He’s extremely generous of his ideas and he’s so human. He speaks about his pain and sharing how to grow better and definitely choosing yourself.
  4. Claudia Azula Altucher, the strong wife of James Altucher, is active on Facebook “Choose Yourself” Group, Podcast, and Quora where I follow her. She’s my favourite in Facebook “Choose Yourself” Group. I am happy and I felt validated when she likes and replies to my post. I always try to not get approval from anyone but with her, it feels safe because I wanted to be like her, independent, confident, grounded, and successful. I see her as my online mom, I don’t know if she would like the sound of that but I am saying this with so much respect and nothing to do with age.
  5. I met someone who is currently undergoing his Michael Singer’s “The Surrender Experiment” and I read his progress every single day on spiritual awakening. He is helping me to be reminded on letting go of attachment about every thing. I am just an expectator of his progress but at the same time the thought of him keeps me in check.
  6. Online Forum such as Quora and created Groups (online community) that speak to my interests in LinkedIn and Facebook are great places to meet people that would help me grow not just in knowledge but as a human being. It is so rich of diverse individuals yet worth connecting with.

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