Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,564 of 10,000] I Need Help, May You Respond? Please.

In Article on August 20, 2015 at 9:14 AM

Thank You

I was in need of something and contacted people I don’t normally ask for help. They didn’t reply. I am starting to think they didn’t reply because they couldn’t help me and ashame to admit it? They didn’t they reply because they wonder if it’s really me asking for help? Or they didn’t reply because they’re annoyed with the request?

The moment that I don’t reply to a request is I’ve been asked for the same help over and over. Even if I did help the previous times, they kept coming back to ask for more. At that point, I just lost it and ignored any new messages. I felt used. Other times that I ignored messages is if it is coming from strangers.

It would be nice to get a response but I also understand that it is not their responsibility to reply to unsolicited and surprising request. It also teaches me that whenever I send out a request, it must still give value to them and it got to be well written. It awakens me too that I got to strive better and somehow never depend on anyone. There are just certain things that you couldn’t get from certain group of people so I have to take care of myself on that term.

It would still be kind that if anyone you know asks you, it is better to reply with a NO or YES but not no reply at all. Anyway, it was me who needed help and I just have to find other ways to solve it and no hurt feelings that they didn’t reply, I am happy that it isn’t them asking for what I am asking. It is a comfort that not everyone is going through what I am going through and that gives me hope and happiness. 🙂

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