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[1: 1,565 of 10,000] Yay! No More Daily Horoscope For Me

In Article on August 21, 2015 at 11:12 AM


I am over over Daily Horoscope. I noticed that whenever I get rattled and anxious about what the future holds, I rely on psychics or the less cheaper way to predict the future which is keep reading the daily horoscope!

I know it is pointless to fill my head with several futuristic WOULD BEs or POSSIBLY BEs and get all attached. How can several sentences predict my feelings, good omens, and crazy warnings if there are so many Geminis in the world and couldn’t all be sharing the same future? I am just putting myself into desperation and disappointment if what I am hoping for aren’t what I read or the prediction didn’t come true.

What made me stopped? I was too busy living things that I enjoy and working on things that would benefit my future self. I am being present to love my life right now that I am at peace not to worry about tomorrow. My well thought of actions today definitely contribute to a great tomorrow.

I am so grateful leaving one dependency and unnecessary time out of the picture. It is such freedom that I will create my own horoscope, which goes something like this –

Someone is crazy about you today (God). Your cheeks will be kissed with undeniable warmth (by the sun). You will be amazing sharing your talent (blogging daily and occasionally giving piece of wisdom at Quora or selected Online Groups). Your heart is full of good intentions and joy. You are surrounded with family and friends no matter what the distance may be. Your tummy will be full and your body will be refreshed (with water and new lessons learned from articles, books, videos, and others). The day ends with pure bliss and peace (sleeping on my very own bed in my cozy home). And the best surprise is yet to come.

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