Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,568 of 10,000] A Time For Kites To Fly

In Article on August 24, 2015 at 11:53 PM


The sky is clear blue, the wind is encouraging, and I witness the different kites my neighbors were successfully reeling up so high from our balcony. I wanted the same experience of controlling a kite and let it fly so high with the others. The best that I could do to quence my thirst for this magnificent beauty was to start working in making my own kite. I didn’t even aimed to have the biggest or the prettiest because I couldn’t do it, I simply settled to having a humble kite. I tried my hardest to fly it, I couldn’t recall that it did fly. I must have just been dreaming that I was able to succeed.

I could still remember that I imagined that I could let it fly freely in the sky as I let go of the threads from my little hands. I don’t think I was smart in asking the help of my neighbors who was so good at making a kite and flying it too, I could have asked them so I was able to experience it instead of just dreaming and hoping.

As I’ve grown, I’ve recognised that I wanted to be successful. I see something beautiful and I wanted to work for it and get it. But unlike when I was a child, this time I try to learn from the right people to gain the success that I wanted. I’ve self-published my first eBook and I feel fulfilled in realising one of my dreams and not just imagining and wondering have I really just published something for the world to read?

There are more kites making and kites flying that I wanted to do in life. As I progress, I am grateful that my wonder and determination to participate in creating something beautiful never ceases.

  1. Congrats on publishing your first e-book.

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