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[1: 1,570 of 10,000] What I Learn From Gary Zukav

In List on August 26, 2015 at 11:51 PM

Gary Zukav

I’ve watched several interviews of Gary Zukav. He was born in 1942 and he’s truly a man of wisdom. He looks so peaceful, gracious, and loving. I intend to read his books “Seat of the Soul” and “Spiritual Partnership: The Journey To Authentic Power.”

What he teaches are not actually new but the way he delivered and emphasized on them made it speak so loudly and worth considering. Here they are:

  1. He points out that people have different personalities and we have to know all of them. When our unloving personalities emerges meaning our fears come out like becoming envious or angry, we have to be conscious not to react on it, instead we have to find the loving part and choose peace.
  2. If we have a good feeling for doing something harmonious, in accordance to cooperation, and loving, we have to take note of it, remember it, so we can use it at the appropriate times when the circumstances are tempting us to be unloving.
  3. Equality is the experience of love. Personalities are never equal and we should know that it’s just an earth suit and it’s normal for being a human. Do not repress an emotion but be aware and conscious then choose your authentic power to be loving at all times.
  4. Have good intentions to create new circumstance. We have to choose to be responsible.
  5. Human essence cannot be destroyed. Our body has a limit but not the real us, the soul within that is made out of love.

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