Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,591 of 10,000] I Couldn’t Understand Gratitude Before Until God Changed My Understanding

In Journal on September 16, 2015 at 6:10 AM


I couldn’t understand the real utterence of deep gratitude before because I was too busy inspecting what is lacking and should bes in my life. The words of Bo Sanchez below sums up what true wealth is –

Wealth is an inner feeling. More precisely, wealth is an outlook, an attitude, a belief. And the most obvious measurement of wealth is gratitude.

Remember this powerful truth: Your Wealth equals your Gratitude. And your Gratitude equals your Wealth.

Whatever my circumstance is as long as I wake up for the day, I have to show up and able to give thanks. I have struggled in years with just human eyes and a silly ego to refer on how I live my life. It is until I seek God’s divine intervention, to humby ask for the Holy Spirit for guidance that I have a heaven’s eyes and could not even believe it was me hindering myself to the available graces.

I often make my own sufferings when I believe the stories I create in my head that were the past or have never happened. I make life harder when I keep dwelling on the negative matters. I will lose the battle when I ‘thought’ I will have to do it alone when in fact God is just waiting for me to call on Him and help me with my decisions, guide me to see love, and have the courage to take on my anointment according to His plan. The beauty of His plan despite not being able to understand it is they are good.

What’s the point of worrying what people say about me by following him when at the beginning of my new life after here on Earth doesn’t really matter? Why do I have to be scared to walk in a shadow when I know that a light is with me if I just recognise it?

I am deeply loved and every moment that I breathe I remember that and it is more than enough reason to be always grateful. Thank you God for breaking my walls. Thank you God for changing my understanding and slowly seeing your perfect perspectives. Thank you God for loving me without any conditions.


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