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[1: 1,595 of 10,000] I Wish I Have Right Now

In List on September 20, 2015 at 11:25 PM


I am human after all and here are the things that I wish I have right now but it’s okay that I will get them soon. Warning: Shopping List ahead! 😀

  1. Fixed Mini Cooper. The repair is going to eat up my whole September salary. 😛
  2. Buy the book “A Course In Miracles” and actually read and do it for 2016.
  3. Buy the book “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer.
  4. Buy the book “The Surrender Experiment” and practise it.
  5. Buy the book “Seat of the Soul”.
  6. Buy a new laptop bag.
  7. Buy the latest iPad and start reading books from there eventually.
  8. Buy my sissy and I 3 bath towels each with monogram.
  9. Buy 7 sets of pajamas.
  10. Buy 3 pairs of shoes for office.
  11. Buy new trousers in black, navy blue, and brown.
  12. Buy new jeggings in black and jeans-like faded blue.
  13. Buy 5 new office tops, as much as possible, the basic and essential ones that I could mix and match.
  14. Buy a Christmas 2015 Holiday, go somewhere in Europe.
  15. Get the ingredients for the famous baked macaroni with paprika.
  16. Get the ingredients for the fried baked macaroni.
  17. Get the ingredients for the beef bourguignon.
  18. Buy new sets of make-up.
  19. Sign up for gym membership with personal trainer.
  20. Time at the beach and all I have to do is keep on writing, eating, lounging, and hopefully swimming (I can’t swim).
  21. Buy myself a bread toaster and spread it with butter and pineapple jam.

I was contemplating that maybe if I see my own list I could think my spending over. Yay!

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