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[1: 1,596 of 10,000] Husband And Kids Yor?

In Article on September 21, 2015 at 10:48 PM


Is husband and kids something that I should think about next? I managed to get the best job I’ve ever had so now is meeting a life partner would be my new mission? And eventually leading to having children and calling our team a ‘family’.

Being in a romantic relationship is something I’ve never tried in my life. I feel like I am saving my commitment to the person where we are right for one another. I am scared because I grew up seeing broken relationships and filled with infidelity. I wanted mine to be growing, happy, and loving. It doesn’t have to be perfect in the eyes of others, as long as it is perfect for both of us and more importantly blessed by God.

  1. No. 1 in my list is recognises and lives with God’s love.
  2. It is not too much to ask that I needed him to be faithful as I would be.
  3. Have strong and amazing values that would enrich our relationship.
  4. Serves the world with a purpose and so good at it.
  5. We’re in love.

I’m not a child anymore and I’m offering this thought to God. Whether I marry or not, I will serve God with all that I have. Is it worth spreading my genes to the world? My heart says definitely. God did good guiding me all through this years, and not without cringing and shaking his head for a lot of times.

Yor is a work in progress and so is my future husband. We’ll meet at the right time when we’re both ready.

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