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[1: 1,599 of 10,000] Re-organising Schedules To Get Results

In List on September 24, 2015 at 11:18 AM


Having a new amazing work and trying to infiltrate in contributing to its success mean it is taking most of my energy and waking time; but I don’t like to abandon an essential part of me, you know that special someone that writes. I intend to write books for the rest of my life and at least keeping a post a day in this blog too.

Yesterday, I was really overwhelmed on how to make everything work out, I could feel my brain raising, jumping, and swirling all over my head that couldn’t calm down. I was too excited to make a plan, I feel like a wreck, rattling! Finally, after regaining my inner sanctuary, I came up with a grand plan on what do I expect to produce daily, every weekend, monthly, and in a year. It was important to show what am I trying to accomplish and that’s why it made it on the grand schedule.

It’s not perfect but I will make adjustments as I move along. I have to write my plans infront of my personal organiser if I want to make sure nothing in my life get missed, I’m so glad for having Wednesday to Saturday as a holiday here in UAE to have ample time to truly re-organise.

Daily Expectations

  1. Pray – I need my inner sactuary blessed so I could perform with grace and anointment.
  2. Exercise – Even if it’s stretching but I really have to be serious about this if I want to keep a good energy for everything that I want to do.
  3. Eat Healthy – Slow down on the preservatives, sugar, too salty, and go-to chicken. Go fresh as much as possible and variety too.
  4. Drink Water – I do need to write this down because I often avoid drinking proper amount of water. I pee a lot after drinking especially that the air-conditioning here in Dubai is very cool, it may be hot outside but the indoors are always well ventilated, too cool too often but I’ll have that than sweating.
  5. Sleep – I wake up early, I try to be up at 5AM to do my own routine, pray, get breakfast, write blog, and then enough time to blow dry my hair (even if it didn’t seem to be working) and put on some make-up.
  6. Daily Blog – This one has a special place, I try to finish it in the morning otherwise, start in the morning and finish it as soon as I get home. This is important so I have proper practise writing.
  7. 10 Ideas – Inspired by James & Claudia Altucher to exercise my mind.

Fridays is honouring my personal talents

  1. First Friday – Make an article for my other blog that isn’t anonymous. It is a lot more work for me to write it because I have to be careful on what I write. I felt like being vulnerable here is 1,000 times being magnified there because anyone could just easily attack me and being human I do get hurt.
  2. Second Friday – Create a LinkedIn Article on business. I still don’t know if it is a good thing that I do this knowing that I am not yet an expert but I do like to learn and be more confident on my writing in the professional arena.
  3. Third Friday – Devote on our upcoming family business in partnership with my two sisters.
  4. Fourth Friday – My favourite and it is devoting it for my book.
  5. After all the dedicated priorities on top, Friday is also a good day to go out shopping, unwind, and just be merry outside of work and home if something is scheduled.


  1. Home chores, paying bills, cooking a feast, and sort personal emails.
  2. Learn through reading books, listening to podcast, and watching videos.
  3. Call my sissy in Australia to catch up.

Monthly Accomplishments and Pleasures

  1. Get a body massage.
  2. Try a new restaurant.
  3. Have a new experience.
  4. Invest.
  5. Finish a book.

Yearly Plan

  1. Travel abroad.
  2. Have a life project that helps other people.
  3. Publish a book.

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