Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,602 of 10,000] It’s Okay To Not Have An Answer

In Article on September 27, 2015 at 6:36 AM

Blindness Movie Poster

I’ve seen the movie “Blindness” yesterday and I know it’s just a movie but those are the type that could still get into me. It bothers me that when people are stripped off from their usual life like losing their eye sights with no apparent reason and then it is even contagious, people could still remain the same or rise up to the occasion and work with one another. Or they could feel helpless, scared of the change, could remain greedy, succumb to weakness for the fear of the unknown, or just be evil and spread terror. It is sad that people can become barbaric to survive, to get food, and to do inhuman things.

I know that it is just a movie. Who knows if an outbreak like that could really happen in real life. But knowing that there isn’t enough supply for food, proper shelter and care, and everyone involved is in constant panic, isn’t it that could be comparable to countries who have political unrest and in constant war? Movies are a little bit easier to watch because when the credit rolls we all know it isn’t true but when our brothers and sisters are suffering for a different kind of outbreak, something too familiar and common that it is easier for us to all say that it is not our responsibility.

When there are uncertainties and we couldn’t find the love and the answer, I still believe that God is watching over us. It is just our human body that endures pain but if we remain strong in our spirit, we don’t need to understand or get an answer, but we can believe He’s not abandoning us, He couldn’t especially when we call on Him.


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