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In Article on October 4, 2015 at 7:19 AM


I love working and there is nothing more pleasurable than having the right tools.

I started a new work in September and just last Thursday (October 1st) I finally got myself a wireless mouse and a laptop bag. The office was not able to provide them but no biggie because I was able to select the right bag and mouse and I could reimburse them anyway.

Lenovo is a good laptop but somehow the model that I’ve got had a tricky mouse pad and clickers so it is making my work longer than I anticipated, so having a new wireless mouse (it is way more convenient than the wired one wherein it might get stuck somewhere) made my work so much easier.

We need the right tools to perform our duty. If we couldn’t provide the right ones to the staffs, performance may reduce. It is important to be attentive on what will work to make life easier. If a simple wireless mouse and a new laptop bag (knowing I could bring the lappy home and kept it safe in the car while in transit) could give me joy, I’m sure each people will have quirks that would make work smoother. Being an Office Manager who is also in-charge of HR, I got to find that out.


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